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Iceman (Brian Ernst) and Maverick (Jerome LeBlanc) - Photo from the collection Brian Ernst
Iceman (Brian Ernst) and Maverick (Jerome LeBlanc) - Photo from the collection Brian Ernst

If you thought Iceman died in the movie "Top Gun: Maverick", you’re mistaken. Not only did he not die, but he also encountered the young Maverick on his journey. What both gentlemen do at air shows in the USA and beyond is a blend of "Back to the Future" and "Top Gun". Whenever they appear at an Air Show or any other event, hundreds of aviation and "Top Gun" fans line up to take photos with them.

Iceman (Brian Ernst) and Maverick (Jerome LeBlanc) never refuse anyone because they simply enjoy doing it. Although they’re busy, Brian Ernst took a moment to give us an interview.

AVIATION24.PL: Who was first: Maverick or Ice? Who found whom? Who came up with this whole madness and when?

BRIAN: Maverick was first, Jerome LeBlanc is the number one impersonator of Tom Cruise for 15 years. I was on vacation in San Diego 7 years ago and went to the Top Gun bar aka Kansas City Barbeque and while I was there Maverick walked in doing his cameo appearance. We became friends and played on the piano Great Balls Of Fire and the video went viral. He asked me to be his wingman and here we are.

AVIATION24.PL: What do you do in normal life and is aviation your passion or work?

BRIAN: Jerome is full time as a Tribute Artist and I work with him part time since I own a business full time. Aviation is a passion as well of mine I started flying airplanes at 15 and earned my pilots license at 17. Both sides of my family served and my grandfather has a purple heart.

AVIATION24.PL: Are there more Mavericks and Ices in the USA?

BRIAN: There are are few other Mavericks and I am sure Iceman but we are the BEST and only ICAS members performing at air shows and events all over the world.

Top Gun
Do you recognize anyone else in this photo? - Photo from the collection Brian Ernst

AVIATION24.PL: What do you prefer: Top Gun: Maverick or Top Gun?? Aren’t you worried that Ice was killed?

BRIAN: We are a tribute to the original Top Gun since we look like them. We are not worried about that 😉.

AVIATION24.PL: You behave like movie characters, you have similar expressions on your faces, you talk similarly, ... I saw in your movies that you also sing the song: "You've Lost That Loving Feeling"... everything exactly like in a real movie. Do you use aesthetic medicine 😉 to make you look so great, do you practice before shows like actors in a theater, or do you practice in front of a mirror? Is all this difficult? How much time does it take to learn all this?- Do you have any funny moments from life, for example during meetings with people at air shows and other events, maybe on the street?

BRIAN: Aesthetic medicine is not necessary we just look the part. We actually do not rehearse, for us we like to make it natural since we all know the lines from the movie.

AVIATION24.PL: In the first movie, Maverick and Ice Man were enemies until the last combat action. Are you in your acting performances as enemies or already as friends?

BRIAN: We consider us to be the years in between the two movies the friendship Maverick and Iceman had.

AVIATION24.PL: Do the flight suits in which you show yourself have exactly all the elements and markings as in the movie?

BRIAN: Yes we have a lot! We walked into Home Depot in just jeans and t-shirts with our Ray Bans and people were still freaking out taking pictures and videos. We love everyone and are happy to stop and make someone's day.

AVIATION24.PL: Does Jerome have to constantly chew gum or is he pretending 😉?

BRIAN: He does chew gum a lot!

AVIATION24.PL: Brian, have you or Jerome ever met Val Kilmer or Tom Cruise or other actors from the old or new part of Top Gun?

BRIAN: That is classified I could tell you but... 😉

AVIATION24.PL: How many air shows do you visit in a year? Also in Europe?

BRIAN: Last year we did almost 30 air shows but we also do many other events such as corporate events, trade shows and parties. If anyone in Europe books us we would go.

AVIATION24.PL: Do you have any aviation dream that you would like to fulfill?

BRIAN: We have flown in many as I am a licensed pilot since I was 17. Our dream is to fly with the Navy Blue Angels and the USAF Thunderbirds which could happen soon ... stay tuned.

AVIATION24.PL: Have you ever been to Poland and what do you know about our country? Maybe you will choose to come to us someday?

BRIAN: Poland is a great country! We would love to go one day if we are booked for an event. Jerome and I do keep up with foreign communications, he speaks three languages.

Brian Ernst (Iceman) was interviewed by Mariusz Barszcz (

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